The Loving Husband by Cristobel Kent



This has a very samey story line, how many books have you read where a husband has a secret second life?

I did enjoy this for a good while but it got to the point where the subjects of the novel got to me in a negative way and I found it really hard to continue reading. For some readers this book will be great and comfortable with them, but for me, some of the subjects, are things I really fear could happen in my life so it didn’t sit comfortably with me, made me feel very uneasy and, in the end, ruined the novel for me.

Another thing about this novel that made it an average read was the predictability of it. And the ridiculousness of it.

In terms of characters, they were very well developed but not at all likable. I hate when characters don’t cooperate with police to save their own backs which is something Fran does throughout, and even about some things that don’t even matter that much! She was also extremely weak and irritating which, after a while, got very annoying to read.

Gerard, I get it, was supposed to be a “bad” guy, but it got to the point where his misogynistic views and opinions got uncomfortable to read and he made the story more grimy and nasty that it needed to be, especially since there wasn’t any particularly endearing character in the novel at all.

Like a lot of other reviewers, I found this to be written weirdly. There was lots of repetition and jumping about with clunky sentences and those annoying skips into the past that make little sense to the audience.

Can we just talk about how the title doesn’t make much/any sense? Nathan was never a loving husband – not even a pretend loving husband like in Behind Closed Doors, so how can this book have been named that when there is no evidence of it anywhere?

This gets a mediocre 3 stars from me because I think it will be enjoyed by a lot of people, but for me personally it didn’t do the right things and its subject matters made me feel really uneasy and triggered my stupid anxieties.

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Thanks to Netgalley and Little Brown Book Group UK for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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