The Last One by Alexandra Oliva



”If I were to say the words, would the electricity flicker on? Would the front doors slide open? Would Emery stride in and pat me on the back, tell me I made a noble effort… Would a car be waiting outside? Or would nothing happen at all? The thought pinches. I cannot give up.” 

Zoo just wanted one last adventure before she settled down and accepted her biggest fear, becoming a mother. In The Dark, a new survivalist game show, seemed like the perfect opportunity, head to head with 11 other contestants to win 1 million dollars. But as time moves forward, In The Dark becomes something more disturbing than what people were expecting. Zoo continues her lonely journey through the woods, sure that all the “dead bodies” and desolate towns are all a part of the challenge, part of the game, but… are they?

Great idea for a book. Kind of reminded me of Dead Set and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here mashed together! (You’ll only understand that if you’re British… I think). I like how it was written as though you were watching it, so you could easily picture what the shots would look like if you were really watching it on your TV screen.

The plot, overall, was amazing. I’m not really into Dystopian novels but this really gripped me from page one! There were some real edge of the seat moments mixed in with great character development, a couple of laughs and even some tear jerking emotional moments! I think if I hadn’t been reading this in the comfort of a fancy hotel in The Cotswolds and during exciting car journeys I would have cried towards the end of this. Amazingly written book, I can’t comprehend why some people are saying they couldn’t get into this because of the writing, I loved it!

Our MC, Zoo, is pretty freaking cool. I don’t normally like “badass” female characters because they often end up being obnoxious, selfish and all round irritating, but not this time! I thought Zoo was a perfect character in all honesty, she was smart, but not too smart, funny but not a trying-to-hard joker, sassy but not rude, kind but not sickly and badass but not cocky. She’s such a well developed character, you get to know her pretty easily, she’s like that family friend you only see once a year – you know her well enough but not perfectly. In fact, all our characters are developed well in this novel, which is pretty amazing since there’s so many of them and in such a small amount of pages. One thing that did irritate me was the fact she was refusing to believe the desolate world around her was a reality and not part of the TV show, but I suppose that was the whole point of the book.

Black Doctor (or what he should have been known as; Doctor. None of the other non-white character got classified by their skin colour) was probably my favourite of all the side characters… maybe because he reminded me of my old science teacher… I was also surprised to find myself liking Waitress! I thought she was gonna be the bimbo of the book, and although she was for a time, she still turned out to be pretty damn cool. Also, Brennan was very sweet and a lovely addition to Zoo’s lonely journey.

I recommend this to pretty much everyone, it has a little bit of everything people like in there. I will definitely be looking out for more Alexandra Oliva novels!

(What an excellent book to complete my challenge of reading 52 books this year! I can’t believe I’ve managed to read so many in 6 months!)

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Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review.

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review.

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