Mammoth by Douglas Perry



Not quite what I was expecting, which I think is the general feel judging by others reviews. Be warned, this isn’t a creepy paranormal, alien type of thing. I don’t think that’s a spoiler either, I wouldn’t want you to pick this up and be greatly disappointed. If you love character focused novels then this will be your kind of book! This gives you some really in depth information about each of the characters, but it can get confusing because there are so many characters! There are eleven main characters, plus more characters that relate to these characters in little sub plots.

If you find it difficult to keep up with lots of different people in books then this won’t be for you. It can get a little confusing at times and I often forgot what was happening to one character by the time we got back to reading about them after having read about four characters in between.

I though this novel was superbly written. Possibly one of the best written books I’ve read in quite a while! There is some really grotesque imagery in this book, not in a violent way though, so I wouldn’t give it any trigger warnings, though rape is implied. My only problem with the writing was that sometimes it was really difficult to understand where the characters were in Mammoth View or Bakersfield or what. That was my one annoyance, I wasn’t able to keep a grip on where each character was.

In terms of the plot that there was, which wasn’t much, it was an interesting story line. Lots of things going on a once which could definitely add to the confusion. I feel as though Perry had created seven(ish) separate short stories and then tried to mash them into one… which in my opinion worked. I felt let down by the ending in a way but at the same time I thought it was really unique. You do find out why panic ensues in the small town of Mammoth View and I can bet you won’t see it coming… Though now I’ve told you it’s not paranormal or aliens then maybe you might…

If you like to really get to know a character and don’t really care about a well developed plot then this book is a definite read for you, but if you’re expecting something scary or creepy from this then don’t bother as it isn’t that kind of thing. I will definitely look out for more of Perry’s work!

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Thanks to Netgalley and Amberjack Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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