The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza



”The black-clad figure ran lightly, streaking through the darkness, feet barely making a sound on the narrow dirt path, ducking and twisting gracefully to avoid contact with the dense surrounding trees and bushes. It was as if the shadow were sweeping silently over the leaves.” 

Well, well, well, another excellent book from the Erika Foster series! I possibly enjoyed this one more than the first, even though it took me longer to get a feel for it. This works really well as a standalone book for anyone who wanted to pick this up but not the first one! It’s definitely nice to have that history with the last book to connect some dots, but it’s definitely not necessary, which makes it an excellent read for every crime lover.

In part 2 of the Erika Foster series, we find Erika up against time when it comes to a mysterious killer who suffocates their victims with a strange suicide device, but leaves no trace of themselves at the crime scene. And as normal she’s up against it with her past and with her superiors too.

As before, the characters in this book are really well built out and you can easily understand them all and really get to know them. I think they’re pretty well formed characters! They even got a couple of chuckles out of me in this one! While there are some irritating moments with each character, for me, none of them ruin the novel in any way. Maybe apart from Sparks, but he’s supposed to be the bad guy, ey?

Unlike the first novel in this series we actually get to find out who the killer is at 50% rather than waiting until the last few chapters. This definitely helps build a better profile for the killer. Bryndza lets us really get to know them and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, which I definitely preferred to how we came about knowing the killer in the last novel. I think I enjoyed this novel more due to the fact that the killings were more intriguing to me than in the last novel. And in the end the killer in this felt a lot more realistic than the other. As in, I felt it more likely a motive than what was presented in the last novel.

Again this was well written and an enjoyable quick read. I think these would be excellent holiday reads. I know my dad loves a good crime thriller while on holiday, and we’re going away reasonably soon, so I’ll definitely be sure to give these a recommendation.

I’m honestly amazed I’m so into this detective series! Bryndza, bring out the third book… now.

Buy it here!

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