Seed by Ania Ahlborn



”Let me guess, that’s a risk yer willin’ t’take, right? People always think they’ve got to be riskin’ something to get to the end of the story. But let me tell ya: it’s your story. The end of the story is gonna get ya whether you want it to er not. You think you gotta go chase fate? Fate is chasin’ you, chief. But you know that, right? Better than any old body.” 

I am on an Ania Ahlborn high! After reading “The Pretty Ones” I knew I needed to read some of her other work. Luckily for me, I still had a Kindle Unlimited 30 day free trial on my Amazon account which I have snatched up after seeing most of her other novels are available on Unlimited. I didn’t plan on which one I was going to read first, just simply picked one up and got stuck into it. And stuck into it I definitely was, I finished this book within a couple of hours!

What I loved about this book was how quickly it got creepy. There is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for a horror book to become scary, but this had my hairs standing on end almost immediately. Those dark, hollow, bottomless eyes were right there in the front of my mind and they were terrifying.

None of the characters in this book got on my nerves, which is an achievement in itself, and I thought Ahlborn made Charlie the most excellent creepy child character, unlike most cliche child demons in books & films. She wasn’t too sickly sweet and nice from the beginning, she was a rocker and she was sassy, so the evilness blooming within her seemed so out of place in such a down to earth, bright child. What I wish most about what happened in this book was that Jack was able to speak the truths he knew, rather than keeping them hidden in the corners of his mind, whether it was involuntary or not.

My favourite part / character of this novel was definitely the trucker. I was imagining him as a big, wide, hairy dark looking man with shaded eyes from his permanent baseball cap and a malicious smile. Not someone you would want to find,out in the middle of nowhere, in an abandoned petrol (gas) station.

I had to knock this a star because it didn’t keep me creeped out throughout. The beginning of this book truly had me scared, how Ahlborn managed to make popcorn scary I will never know, but it happened. I read this during my lunch break at work and when I went into the toilet, the automatic air freshener went off and it totally made me jump! That’s how on edge I was while reading this book. But by the time everything had been revealed, I was no longer scared of the book, just tense as to what was going happen. Happy ending or sad ending? I couldn’t decide which I wanted to see more. (P.S. I was happy with how this ended)!

I’ve started reading yet another Ahlborn book and hope to have read her entire collection by the end of next month. I’m also very excited to see that she has a new book due to publish at the end of this year called “The Devil Crept In” which I will definitely be first in line to buy!

Buy it here!

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