The Pretty Ones by Ania Ahlborn



“Wherever you go, there you’ll be.” 

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This was… amazing.

I was expecting to like this, but not love it! To begin with I wasn’t sure what to think, it felt slow and boring to be honest and I thought Barrett was such an arsehole, but wow. The ending really satisfied me, really pleased me!

Nell is an outcast, she doesn’t fit in. She’s carrying a little extra weight and she hasn’t got the money for nice clothes but all she wants to do is ‘be one of the girls’. Nell’s story is truly heartbreaking, Ahlborn has done such an amazing job at describing what loneliness and rejection feel like, you really empathise will Nell. All those horrible things she goes through just because she’s not as pretty as the other girls. And then the way she’s treated by Barrett, her brother, her one and only friend, the emotional abuse he puts her through so he knows she’ll stay with him. No wonder she’s so unstable, so self-hating and psychotic.

I really just couldn’t put this book down even though I thought it wasn’t going anywhere. I’d been craving a horror book for so long so there was no way I was gonna give up on this and I’m so glad I didn’t. While the story has definitely be done before, though no-one has been clever enough to set the scene of terrified New York circa Son of Sam as Ahlborn so terrifically did, and the ending has also been done a million times over, there’s just something about the writing in this book that makes this one particular story stand out so well amongst the others. An excellent read, I urge anyone who likes psychological thrillers and horrors to pick this up as soon as you can!

Buy it here!

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